There is no snow

Recorded weather for Warsaw, Poland
time range | day of Saturday, November 30, 2019
temperature | (-2 to 4) °C (average: 1 °C)
conditions | rain, overcast, cloudy, partly cloudy, few clouds
relative humidity | (70 to 93)% (average: 81%)
wind speed | (2 to 10) m/s (average: 5 m/s)

This one can notice with the naked eye: lack of snow. There once must have been more of it. You used to sledge, hold snowball fights, build snowmen. Not anymore. Later you even managed to cross-country ski a few times, but now you’d be lucky if this was possible more than once per year.

And what about snow during Christmas? Well, it is said, in fact this was never typical; any perceived change may just be a result of Poland itself having moved west in 1945. Or was it the snow that moved east?

Warsaw, 30.11.2019


Piotr Hoffman is a lawyer who lives in Warsaw but travels a lot because of his work. I learned to know him originally around the year 2002 when we were both doing an Erasmus Exchange in Bremen University in Northern Germany. We started to be in contact after twenty years again in 2016 first via social media, but we have managed to meet face to face both in Helsinki and in Warsaw.